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Sartar appoints Dr. Mikael Maksimow as the new CEO

The board of Sartar Therapeutics Oy is delighted to announce Dr. Mikael Maksimow as the new CEO of the company. Dr. Maksimow officially assumed his role on December 7th, following more than two years of dedicated service as Sartar’s Chief Operating Officer.

“We are excited to have Mikael, a seasoned, dynamic, and innovative CEO, spearheading our precision medicine SAR003 as it progresses toward clinical trials,” declared Board Chairman Harri Sihto. Dr. Maksimow’s extensive background in drug development will be instrumental in guiding Sartar Therapeutics through the transition to the clinical phase and bringing SAR003 to patients with GIST.

Dr. Maksimow said that the time as the COO of Sartar has been highly motivating and exciting and concluded, “I am deeply honored to have been nominated for the position of CEO at Sartar Therapeutics. I am eager to contribute to the continued success and growth of Sartar, and I am highly motivated to work diligently towards bringing SAR003 to GIST patients. Working with orphan indications is extremely motivating and important to me. Thank you again for this incredible opportunity. I look forward to collaborating with the entire team and our wonderful network.”