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Sartar is strengthening its board of directors

Sartar Therapeutics is strengthening its board with two new board members, Jyrki Mattila and Jami Mandelin, who will bring decades of experience in the biotech industry and healthcare business to the company.

Jyrki Mattila’s career in the pharma & biotech space spans for over forty years in Europe and in the U.S. Prior to moving to the U.S., Mattila served as the President of Orion Pharma, the largest pharmaceutical company in Finland. Under his leadership several of Orion’s flagship products were developed and commercialized. In the U.S, Mattila has served in several executive positions from startups to multi-billion dollar Nasdaq-listed companies.

Jami Mandelin has a strong background in the pharmaceutical industry and in academic research. Prior to his current position at Helsinki Innovation Services, Mandelin worked at Faron Pharmaceuticals supervising scientific collaboration in early drug discovery, leading drug development and preclinical research as well as overseeing manufacturing including analytics and formulation studies. Jami has developed biomarker programs for clinical trials and has hands on experience in regulatory activities, in developing and launching companion diagnostics and in clinical research from early (phase I) clinical trials to pivotal studies.

We are extremely excited to welcome Jyrki and Jami to our board.

“Jyrki Mattila brings valuable insights and connections to the U.S. market, the biggest and most important pharmaceutical market in the world. Jami Mandelin’s hands on experience in all the phases of drug development is a great asset to any startup company in the biotech field.”